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Download e-book for iPad: 2008 Kaplan USMLE Step 1 Home Study Program-Brand New Volume by by Kaplan

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There are now contents that develop partly on instinctual experience. 68) Curiously, it is also suggested that schizoid anxieties and defences (I suspect in the sense that Guntrip would describe them) are the basis of Me-ness which, in turn, is manifest in various forms of alienation, withdrawal and pathological narcissism. It is indeed important that Oneness and Me-ness should be considered together. However, the argument advanced by Lawrence, Bain and Gould has certain inconsistencies. For example, whereas it is argued that Me-ness is not only a defence against the ‘we-ness’ of homogenisation, but also an expression of aggression against the whole, and involves attacks on linking, based on unbridled envy, such phenomena are also said to be ‘socially induced’, and to be typical of life in modern societies.

However, when other kinds of paranoid/schizoid anxieties emerge, associated with idealisation, the basic assumption of Dependency is likely to follow. The converse of these processes may also occur. For example, when Dependency fails as a defence against feelings of helplessness, envy is likely to occur and, in turn, either denigration develops and leads to Fight/Flight, or further idealisation develops and leads to an amplification of Dependency. In essence, the dynamics of the three basic assumptions are those of a closed system.

The W group can be seen as an open-system. The major inputs are people with minds who can transform experiences into insight and understanding. Groups which act in this consistently rational manner are rare, however, and, perhaps, are merely an idealised construct. In actuality…people in groups behave at times collectively in a psychotic fashion or, rather, the group mentality drives the process in a manner akin to temporary psychosis. 663). This is a group mentality that has such a culture that the individual, despite his or her sophisticated and mature skills, can be caused to regress to and be temporarily caught up in primitive splitting and projective identification, depersonalization, and infantile regression.

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2008 Kaplan USMLE Step 1 Home Study Program-Brand New Volume I: General Principles Book 1 by by Kaplan

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