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Get 50 Dutch Bobbin Lace Patterns. Withof and Duchesse PDF

By Yvonne Scheele-Kerhof

ISBN-10: 1849942390

ISBN-13: 9781849942393

50 Dutch Bobbin Lace styles offers a gorgeous number of Withof and Duchesse bobbin lace styles for the lacemaking fans. This multi-language lace booklet introduces various styles selected to fit each point from the enthusiastic newbie to the main skilled lacemaker. The publication comprises: designated reasons of the Withof and Duchesse recommendations. a number of designs, together with an alphabet, a coat of palms, a clematis and a butterfly. suggestion and extra feedback to inspire lacemakers to create their very own customized lace designs. tips to use conventional effective threads, thicker threads – which provide the items a bigger scale – and colored threads.

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Vervolgens niet-glanzende folie op het patroon plakken. Vooral geen karton gebruiken. Fournitures Un carreau plat et ferme de 50 à 60 cm de diamètre. Un tissu pour recouvrir le dessin, troué au centre par un rond de 5 à 6 cm de large. 50 paires de fuseaux environ, lisses et fuselés pour permettre les accrochages. Fil: les deux types de dentelle sont en général faits en coton, une texture souple. Ghaque modèle indique ce avec quoi il a été travaillé et propose des équivalents. Deka-Textilfarben Serie L est choisi pour la teinture (on le trouve dans le monde entier).

Personally, I would like to see lace worn as part of everyday fashion, which is why I have chosen to suggest the use of colours, as well as the usual white and cream. All the colours used are pastel shades, and in many cases the thread has been dyed to match the colour of the fabric which the lace will ornament. Pastel shades were chosen, along with white and cream, as the only colours suitable for use in Withof or Duchesse lace, since all fine detail would be lost in black or darker colours. In the book, 50 patterns have been either partially or completely worked.

Section 1 Techniques Equipment Flattish, firm pillow, 50-60 cm in diameter. Cover cloth, slightly bigger than the pillow, with a central hole approx. 5-6 cm across. Approx. 50 pairs of bobbins, smooth and unspangled because sewings have to be made. Yarn: both types of lace, with a few exceptions, are normally worked in a mercerised cotton, as it is a smooth yarn. The thread actually used, or possible alternatives, are mentioned with each pattern. DEKA-Textilfarben Serie ‘L’ has been used to dye the cotton threads (available worldwide).

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50 Dutch Bobbin Lace Patterns. Withof and Duchesse by Yvonne Scheele-Kerhof

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