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Perkins, George C.'s A book of old embroidery PDF

By Perkins, George C.

Книга старой вышивки (1921)ПРИМЕРЫ :страница 1страница 2страница 3страница 4страница 5страница 6

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39 OF LIST USEFUL Dresses and Decorations of SHAW, H. W. TOWNSEND, the Middle Ages. ) 1843. dery, COUNTESS OF. The Art Needlework. ) 1844. (Truslove of WILTON, LEFEBURE AND COLE, A. and Lace. ) S. Embroidery 1888. nos jours. 3 supplements. ) 1890. siecle jusqu'a FOWKE, The Bayeux Tapestry. F. R. ) DAVENPORT, J. English Embroidered Bookbindings. ) 1899. H. , LEWIS F. Art in Needlework. ) 1900. Cox, REYMOND. L'Art de decorer les DREGER, M. Kunstlerische Entwicklung der Weberei und Stickerei. ) ERRERA, J.

The fact is that Arab burials were often on older sites, and consequently they are the first to be disturbed by the The date of the example here given cannot be of the excavator. spade determined probably within the Mamluk period (1250-1517). openwork band, also from Egypt, may belong to the beginning of that period, or possibly it is earlier (plate 85). Westward of Egypt, the North African embroideries of relatively early at present, The but it is small times are generally similar in type to the Moresque work of Spain, making much use of interlacings and Arabic lettering.

This gives a relief which adds interest to the work, for much colour and a raised effect are unusual in Western applique. A second variety is the counterchange of silk and velvet (plate 46), in which the silk pattern is cut out and replaces the same velvet pattern. The velvet in turn is let into the silk and replaces the silk pattern. It should be noted that a light colour spreads, for though identical in size, A the light applique design looks larger. third (plate 49). It is done by French workers and part of a valance a notable illustration of their intuitive national taste and example is is exceptionally fine in technique.

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A book of old embroidery by Perkins, George C.

by William

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