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Download e-book for kindle: A Grammar of Luwo: An anthropological approach by Anne Storch

By Anne Storch

ISBN-10: 9027202958

ISBN-13: 9789027202956

This e-book is an outline of Luwo, a Western Nilotic language of South Sudan. Luwo is utilized by multilingual, dynamic groups of perform as one language between others that shape person and versatile repertoires. it's a language that serves as a method of expressing the Self, as a medium of artwork and self-actualization, and occasionally as a medium of writing. it really is spoken in the house and in public areas, through relatively huge numbers of people that determine themselves as Luwo and as individuals of every kind of different teams. to be able to offer insights into those dynamic and numerous realities of Luwo, this publication comprises either a concise description and research of the linguistic good points and constructions of Luwo, and an method of the anthropological linguistics of this language. The latter is gifted within the kind of separate chapters on ownership, quantity, experiencer structures, spatial orientation, conception and cognition. In all sections of this examine, sociolinguistic details is supplied anywhere this is often worthwhile and attainable, particular info at the semantics of grammatical beneficial properties and structures is given, and discussions of theory-oriented ways to varied linguistic positive aspects of Luwo are offered.

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7) /cɔ́ɔrɔ́/ ‘blindness’ → /cɔ́ɲɲ-/ ‘blindness of ’ /rɛmɔ́/ ‘blood (sgv)’ → /rɛmm-/ ‘blood of ’  A Grammar of Luwo: An anthropological approach Geminated nasals in Luwo also occur in unmodified plural nouns, such as in /ʔámmɛ́/ ‘thighs’. These morphosyntactic distribution patterns speak in favour of the occurrence of long consonants as a consequence of assimilation processes. They can therefore be interpreted as sequences of two consonants which on the surface are similar. Reh (1996: 63) observes that geminated nasals can also develop out of /CN/ sequences.

In [ŋɔ́ kúɾ] ‘it smells of perfume’. ’ /l/: /láy/ ‘animal’, /ʔàdʊ́ʊ́lɔ́/ ‘heart’, /tɪ́ɛĺ / ‘legs’ D. Glides The bilabial glide /w/ and palatal glide /y/ occur in all consonant positions. However, word-final /w/ is rare and is predominantly found in morpheme-final position in pertensive constructions, such as in /cúw láy/ ‘bones of the animal’. 6) /w/: /wûm/ ‘nose’, /màwúd/ ‘white-and-brown bull’, /ápíyòw/ ‘first-born twin (fem)’ /y/: /yác/ ‘be pregnant’, /ɲàyɛ́n/ ‘grey cow’, /láy/ ‘animal’ E.

Their tone and vowel quality changes depending on the host word. 4) -′ imperfective future marker on verbs Some morphemes, such as the 3sg marker on some verb forms, are realised as zero (ø). Grammatical morphemes such as the conjunction nɪ̀ do not take any affixes. 2 Words Words may consist of one or more morphemes. However, a large part of the inventory of nouns, all verbs, and most words of the other word classes consist of just one morpheme. This morpheme can have any syllable weight and structure, with the constraints addressed above.

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A Grammar of Luwo: An anthropological approach by Anne Storch

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