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By Gerald G. May

ISBN-10: 0061122432

ISBN-13: 9780061122439

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ISBN-13: 9780061884184

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Tomorrow is D-Day. ” “Well, this is it. I’m going to quit. This is the red-letter day. ” If the person makes it through these deceptions to the point of authentically deciding to quit, a profound sense of terror will arise at the prospect of relinquishing the addictive behavior. On the surface, the fear will seem reasonable; the addiction has become so much a part of the person’s life that its relinquishment feels like death. But it is just another mind trick, another delaying tactic. The truth, of course, is that the person survived quite well before the addiction and could do so again.

She also bought a large bottle of the strongest nose drops she could find. The nose drops gave her dramatic, almost instantaneous, relief. Within seconds, she could breathe freely again. Three hours later the effects wore off. She could feel her nose starting to run again; it even seemed a little worse than before. So she used another dropperful. Again the effect was dramatic, but it only lasted a couple of hours. The next time she used two dropperfuls. Again it worked, but only for an hour. Each time she used the drops, their effects wore off more quickly, and her nose was stuffier than ever.

39 Table 2–2: AVERSION ADDICTIONS Airplanes Commitment Mice Public speaking Anchovies Conflict Needles Rats Anger Crowds Open spaces Rejection Animals Darkness Pain Responsibility Being: Death People of different: Sex Abnormal Dentists Beliefs Sharp instruments Alone Dependence Class Slimy creatures Discounted Dirt Culture Snakes Fat Disapproval Politics Spiders Judged Doctors Race Storms Overwhelmed Embarrassment Religion Strangers Thin Evil spirits Sex Success Tricked Failure People who are: Tests Birds Fire Addicted Traffic Blood Germs Competent Tunnels Boredom Guilt Fat/Thin Vulnerability Bridges High places Ignorant Water Bugs Illness Neat/Messy Writing Cats Independence Rich/Poor Closed-in spaces Intimacy Such questions bring us into one of the most difficult territories we must cross in our exploration of addiction and grace, for the answer is as unequivocal as it is unpleasant; no addiction is good; no attachment is beneficial.

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