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Advanced Statistical Methods for Astrophysical Probes of - download pdf or read online

By Marisa Cristina March

ISBN-10: 3642350593

ISBN-13: 9783642350597

ISBN-10: 3642350607

ISBN-13: 9783642350603

This thesis explores complicated Bayesian statistical tools for extracting key info for cosmological version choice, parameter inference and forecasting from astrophysical observations. Bayesian version choice presents a degree of the way reliable types in a suite are relative to one another - yet what if the easiest version is lacking and never incorporated within the set? Bayesian Doubt is an technique which addresses this challenge and seeks to convey an absolute instead of a relative degree of the way solid a version is. Supernovae sort Ia have been the 1st astrophysical observations to point the past due time acceleration of the Universe - this paintings offers an in depth Bayesian Hierarchical version to deduce the cosmological parameters (in specific darkish power) from observations of those supernovae kind Ia.

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The distinction between (1) and (2) above is a fairly arbitrary classification depending on which side of the Einstein equation is modified, dark energy or ‘modified matter’ models modify the right hand side and modified gravity models modify the left hand side [1]. In this chapter we shall outline briefly some of the theoretical ideas behind these different cosmological models. The research in this thesis focusses primarily on the CDM model and its close cousin the wCDM model. Do we live in a CDM Universe or not?

Ade, P. A. , Bock, J. , Bond, J. , Brevik, J. , Contaldi, C. , Daub, M. , Dempsey, J. , Goldstein, J. , Holzapfel, W. , Kuo, C. , Lange, A. , Peterson, J. , Runyan, M. 1491 References 22. 23. 24. 25. , Becker, A. , Nolta, M. , Bennett, C. , Spergel, D. , Hill, R. , Meyer, S. , Tucker, G. , Weiland, J. , and Wright, E. : 2009, ApJS 180, 330 26. Smith, R. , Peacock, J. , White, S. D. , Frenk, C. , Pearce, F. , Thomas, P. , and Couchman, H. M. : 2003, MNRAS 341, 1311 27. Blake, C. : 2003, ApJ 594, 665 28.

For reviews see for example [16, 17] in addition to the standard texts listed at the start of this chapter. Distinguishing between dark energy and modified gravity models presents a particular observational and statistical challenge, the data sets and methods discussed in this thesis cannot make that distinction, and there are theoretical reasons why the supernovae data alone will never be able to discriminate. 2 A Note on Modified Gravity 43 modified gravity and dark energy models requires the particular combination of baryon acoustic oscillation data and weak lensing data, a particular combination of astrophysical probes which will be investigated by the proposed EUCLID [18] and wFIRST [19] missions.

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Advanced Statistical Methods for Astrophysical Probes of Cosmology by Marisa Cristina March

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