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James A. Anderson's After digital : computation as done by brains and machines PDF

By James A. Anderson

ISBN-10: 0199357781

ISBN-13: 9780199357789

ISBN-10: 019935779X

ISBN-13: 9780199357796

After electronic seems at the place the sphere of computation begun and the place it'd be headed, and gives predictions a few collaborative destiny courting among human cognition and mechanical computation.

summary: After electronic appears to be like at the place the sector of computation begun and the place it'd be headed, and gives predictions a few collaborative destiny dating among human cognition and mechanical computation

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The first entity is the familiar electron, carrying a negative charge. However, solid-​state electronics can also be designed to use “positive” current carriers. These positive entities are sometimes called “holes” because they correspond to a vacancy due to the absence of an electron. As a homely analogy, consider the gas tank caps on a parking lot full of cars. If one cap is missing and the patrons of the lot are unscrupulous, when a cap is found to be gone, the owner of the car steals one from another car.

A supercomputer facility had been set up on the huge open floor of an old brewery. Several generations of Cray supercomputers were lined up in a row, next to each other. As the machines got faster and more powerful with time, they physically got smaller and smaller, going from the size of a high-​end Sub-Zero refrigerator to the size of a dishwasher. LOOKING AHEAD TO BRAIN LIMITATIONS Brains have problems with some of the same limitations as do computers, just at a different order of scale. The speed of light is irrelevant to biological computation, and heating can be handled with standard and well proven biological mechanisms.

Ideally, Blind Justice weighs only the totality of the evidence and the law in the case and chooses the winner to be the “heaviest” despite the importance of the individuals involved. Whatever “justice” might be in this analogy, it is not a physical weight, but even so the meaning of the analogy is clear and useful. THE ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM A remarkable early example of a complex analog computational device is the Antikythera mechanism, a discovery that revolutionized our understanding of the state of information technology 2,000 years ago.

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After digital : computation as done by brains and machines by James A. Anderson

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