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Algebra and trigonometry, 2nd Edition by James Stewart PDF

By James Stewart

ISBN-10: 0495013579

ISBN-13: 9780495013570

This most sensible promoting writer crew explains innovations easily and obviously, with no glossing over tricky issues. challenge fixing and mathematical modeling are brought early and strengthened all through, in order that whilst scholars end the path, they've got an outstanding beginning within the ideas of mathematical considering. This complete, flippantly paced ebook offers whole assurance of the functionality suggestion and integrates big graphing calculator fabrics that support scholars boost perception into mathematical rules. The authors' awareness to aspect and readability, as in James Stewart's market-leading Calculus textual content, is what makes this article the industry chief.

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1245 Ϫ 1125 4 (c) 2161 (b) 1256 12. (a) 27 228 28. 18 ϩ 150 4 (b) 216 4 249 3 33–42 ■ Simplify the expression. Assume the letters denote any real numbers. 1 8. 22. 1xy2 2z 23. 132 ϩ 118 3 Ϫ3/2 4 3 20. 2 x ϩ 14y ϩ 2z Simplify the expression. Apago PDF Enhancer 27. 1108 Ϫ 132 11 4. 9–18 ■ Exercises 1–8 ■ Write each radical expression using exponents, and each exponential expression using radicals. 33 51. 1y 3/4 2 2/3 53. 12x 4yϪ4/5 2 3 18y 2 2 2/3 55. a x 6y y 4 b 5/2 48.

2 Real Numbers No Smallest or Largest Number in an Open Interval Any interval contains infinitely many numbers—every point on the graph of an interval corresponds to a real number. In the closed interval 30, 1 4 , the smallest number is 0 and the largest is 1, but the open interval 10, 1 2 contains no smallest or largest number. 0001 closer yet, and so on. So we can always find a number in the interval 10, 1 2 closer to zero than any given number. Since 0 itself is not in the interval, the interval contains no smallest number.

To raise a product to a power, raise each factor to the power. 3 2 32 a b ϭ 2 4 4 raise a quotient to a power, raise both numerator and Apago To PDF Enhancer denominator to the power. ■ Proof of Law 3 If m and n are positive integers, we have 1a m2 n ϭ 1a # a # . . # a2 n 1444442444443 m factors ϭ 1a # a # . . # a2 1a # a # . . # a2 1444442444443 1444442444443 . . 1a # a # . . # a2 1444442444443 m factors m factors m factors 144444444444424444444444443 n groups of factors ϭ a # a # . . # a ϭ a mn 1444 442444 443 mn factors The cases for which m Յ 0 or n Յ 0 can be proved using the definition of negative exponents.

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Algebra and trigonometry, 2nd Edition by James Stewart

by Michael

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