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Number Theory

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By Serge Lang

ISBN-10: 146840296X

ISBN-13: 9781468402964

ISBN-10: 1468402986

ISBN-13: 9781468402988

This is a moment version of Lang's recognized textbook. It covers all the uncomplicated fabric of classical algebraic quantity conception, giving the scholar the history useful for the examine of additional themes in algebraic quantity conception, equivalent to cyclotomic fields, or modular forms.

"Lang's books are constantly of serious worth for the graduate scholar and the examine mathematician. This up-to-date variation of Algebraic quantity thought is not any exception."―-MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS

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For each prime number p we have the p-adic valuation V p = \\p, defined by the formula \prm/n\p = I/pr, where r is an integer, and m, n are integers "c. 0 and not divisible by p. Let 0 be a discrete valuation ring with maximal ideal m, generated by an element 7r. Every non-zero element a of the quotient field K of 0 can be written in the form a = 7r r U, where r is an integer and u is a unit in o. 'Ve call r the order of a. Let e be a positive real number, 0 < e < 1. If we define lai = er, then we get an absolute value on K (trivial verification), which is in fact a valuation.

Is the group of m-th roots of unity contained in K). Proof. The seeond formula follows from the first by reealling that K* "'" Z X U. We now eonsider the unit index, and the proof is taken from Artin [1]. Take r so large that Im1l"r+ll ~ 11l" 2r l and eonsider the group Ur. Then for any integral x, Thus if ordp m = s, we have Take r suffieiently large that no m-th root of unity exeept 1 lies in Ur. We apply the lemma to the homomorphism f(a) = a m , applied to the units. · Um) -- (U: U r+_) (K*· ) (U:U m.

Assume again that L is Galois over K with group G, and let '13 be a prime of B Zying above p in A. Then N]('13 . B = TI u'13 = uEG ('131 ... 'I3r)e/ (with e, f, ras in Corollary 2, and the ideal on the Zeft is viewed as embedded in I(B)). The number ef is the order of the decomposition group of '13, and e is the order of the inertia group. Proof. The group G operates transitivelyon the primes of B lying above p, and the order of G'ß is the order of the isotropy group. Our assertions are therefore obvious, taking into account Proposition 14 of §5.

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Algebraic Number Theory by Serge Lang

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