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By Jürgen Fischer

ISBN-10: 3540152083

ISBN-13: 9783540152088

The Notes supply an immediate method of the Selberg zeta-function for cofinite discrete subgroups of SL (2,#3) performing on the higher half-plane. the elemental proposal is to compute the hint of the iterated resolvent kernel of the hyperbolic Laplacian in an effort to arrive on the logarithmic spinoff of the Selberg zeta-function. prior wisdom of the Selberg hint formulation isn't really assumed. the speculation is constructed for arbitrary genuine weights and for arbitrary multiplier platforms allowing an method of recognized effects on classical automorphic types with no the Riemann-Roch theorem. The author's dialogue of the Selberg hint formulation stresses the analogy with the Riemann zeta-function. for instance, the canonical factorization theorem consists of an analogue of the Euler consistent. eventually the final Selberg hint formulation is deduced simply from the homes of the Selberg zeta-function: this can be just like the strategy in analytic quantity concept the place the categorical formulae are deduced from the houses of the Riemann zeta-function. except the fundamental spectral conception of the Laplacian for cofinite teams the publication is self-contained and should be priceless as a short method of the Selberg zeta-function and the Selberg hint formulation.

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10), Hence, the with positive of the c l a s s sponding over (-M)z for all M 6 F , z 6 IH. 4 and x(M)JM = x(-M)J_M for z 6 ~I E {P}]' Gklhy p(z) = E tr x(S-Ips) " (z) H(z,S-IpSz) • hs((~(z,S-Ipsz)). " SEZ (P) \F the r i g h t Yp :: representative extends cosets of is s e l e c t e d of w h i c h have p o s i t i v e over a complete Z(P) with from e a c h respect trace. F-conjugacy The sum s y s t e m of r e p r e s e n t a t i v e s to of F . The set ~_~ SF SCZ(P)\F is a f u n d a m e n t a l domain Hence that it f o l l o w s of Z(P), and we h a v e ~(z,S-Ipsz) = ~(Sz,PSz).

We obtain (preliminary version of the resolvent s,a 6 C, Re s, Re a > I, Ikl-s, = a(1-a), Ikl-a ~ IN o, trace formula). I : s(~-s), in =: ¼+r 2 , n _> O • Then :((s-½)i2+r 2 n>O (a-½) 2+ r:) n d • ~-~--(9 O(ln The monotone convergence Z __/I ln-~ ) = n_>O

7 q 6 Proposition. { 1 , . . , m I] with For there Cn+ I > c n > O every exist j,l 6 {I .... ,T} , p 6 a sequence (n 6 IN) and (Cn)n61N = {I ..... 8 [He every jp 2ns n:l if cn we ~(s) := the line 63, p. 22). ,T; lq of the holomorphy column p : I .... ,mj; of index, q : all both I .... ,ml). in ~jp,lq' the lexicographical Further, for these set ~(s) is a n the which ~(s) (j,l : p. 'Scattering M a t r i x " ) . s 6 ~ being order It 2], Notation T*×T*-matrix s F(s+k) x s > I Proof. 3) ~(s) (b n 6 @, if Re By [Ro (j : s > 1 , the 2], S~tze I, ....

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An Approach to the Selberg Trace Formula via the Selberg Zeta-Function by Jürgen Fischer

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