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By Andrew Liddle

ISBN-10: 0470848340

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A concise, obtainable creation to this fascinating and dynamic subject.* Adopts an strategy grounded in physics instead of mathematics.* comprises labored examples and pupil difficulties, besides tricks for fixing them and the numerical answers.* Many reviewers have commented that this is often the best 'introductory undergraduate point' texts at the topic and they'd all welcome a moment version.

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In Chapter 4 we will see that k tells us about the geometry of the Universe, and it is often called the curvature. 2. 2 On the meaning of the expansion So what does the expansion of the Universe mean? Well, let's start with what it does not mean. It does not mean that your body is gradually going to get bigger with time (and certainly isn't an excuse if it does). It does not mean that the Earth's orbit is going to get further from the Sun. It doesn't even mean that the stars within our galaxy are going to become more widely separated with time.

Consider the surface of a two-dimensional sphere of radius R, as illustrated. , r Circles are drawn on the sphere which have radius r as measured on the surface on the sphere, centred on the North Pole. Show that the general formula for the circumference c of such a circle, as a function of r, is given by sin# ,_ . r ——- r = 2irR sin — , u R where B is the angle between a line drawn from the centre of the sphere to the North Pole and one drawn to the circle. e. r

If this is unfamiliar to you, the details aren't all that crucial, though some of the results will be used later in the book. If particles are frequently interacting with one another, then the distribution of their energies can be described by equilibrium thermodynamics. In a thermal distribution, interactions are frequent, but a balance has been reached so that all interactions proceed equally frequently in both the forward and backward directions, so that the overall distribution of particle numbers and energies remains fixed.

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An Introduction to Modern Cosmology by Andrew Liddle

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