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Download PDF by Charles H. Kahn: Anaximander and the origins of Greek cosmology

By Charles H. Kahn

Through feedback and research of historical traditions, Kahn reconstructs the development of Anaximander’s proposal utilizing historic tools such as the reconstructive concepts of comparative linguists.

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In so far as the problems and concepts of late fourthcentury philosophy differ from those of the preceding period, the The sense in systematic treatment of Theophrastus (hke that of Aristotle before him) tends to distort the original form of the doctrines under consideration. And and the gap between Theophrastus naturally widens precisely at school is in possession of terminology of its own. an his historical subject matter those points where the Aristotelian new doctrine and a complex essentially A conscious effort to free himself of this doctrine and terminology forms no part of Theophrastus' conception of the task before him.

The task here may be compared to that of the paleontologist, who, from a fossil, can retrace the form of an extinct predecessor of preserved species or to that of the linguist, who reconstructs the parent speech revealed by systematic similarities between the early forms of sister languages. The history of ideas naturally poses problems which are even more delicate, for philosophic systems are not handed on as regularly as are the morphological correspondences of words or bones. The task of reconstitution here would no doubt be an impossible one, if we did not possess an outline ; sketch of the prototype in question.

Origin of Animal Life 22. Descent of Man 23. The >pvxyi ARRANGEMENT OF THE DOXOGRAPHY 27 Abbreviations of Authors in the Doxography A. Aetius Arist. Aristotle Cicero C. • , • • ,. H. ' P. Hippolytus Pseudo-Plutarch S. L. 1 S. Hermias C: 1,3-4 14 A. 15 17 8. Arist. S. 1-3 19. A. A. , naeus 20 20a 23 21-22 Theon Smyr THE DOXOGRAPHY: TEXTS AND COMMENTARY ANAXIMANDER AND THALES {Phys. , fr. 2; Dox. 476 = Vors. 12 1, S. 13 in Pliys. a ev Koi KLVOv[xevov Kai a/rreipov XeyovTcov Ava^l^jiavSpos jxev OaXov MiXrjaLos H.

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Anaximander and the origins of Greek cosmology by Charles H. Kahn

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