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New PDF release: B*E*A*S*T* Of Burden

By Rebecca Goings

ISBN-10: 1897261284

ISBN-13: 9781897261286

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Marlie had even once considered selling the house, but she'd decided it was better to live with the old memories rather than pretend they had never happened. Matthew's loud yelp from the couch cut into her pensive thoughts. She turned from the sill only to see Wade trying to dress him in his old clothes. "I think it's best if he doesn't wear the jeans,” she said, smiling when both men scowled at her. " Matthew pushed Wade away and buttoned the shirt himself, looking quite handsome in the blue plaid.

It was him only younger—in a military dress uniform. ” Marlie's soft voice made the hair on his arms stand on end. " She gave him a look, probably wondering how he knew that. " With a nod, Marlie stroked the photo, and his heart slammed to life inside of him. She still cared, after all this time. " "You were. Told one and all that you couldn't wait to marry me. " Rogan glanced up at Wade, who cocked his eyebrow. Giving him a sour look, Rogan glanced back down at the pictures. As the pages turned, Rogan's heart fell.

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B*E*A*S*T* Of Burden by Rebecca Goings

by Mark

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