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Download e-book for iPad: Class Field Theory (Universitext) by Nancy Childress

By Nancy Childress

ISBN-10: 0387724907

ISBN-13: 9780387724904

Classification box concept, the examine of abelian extensions of algebraic quantity fields, is likely one of the greatest branches of algebraic quantity thought. It brings jointly the quadratic and better reciprocity legislation of Gauss, Legendre, and others, and greatly generalizes them. a few of its results (e.g., the Chebotarev density theorem) practice even to nonabelian extensions.

This e-book is an available advent to type box thought. It takes a standard process in that it offers the worldwide fabric first, utilizing a number of the unique ideas of facts, yet in a manner that's cleanser and extra streamlined than so much different books in this topic.

It might be used for a graduate path on algebraic quantity thought, in addition to for college students who're attracted to self-study. The e-book has been class-tested, and the writer has integrated workouts in the course of the textual content.

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Note that when p is a prime ideal of O F and c = |π|p for π ∈ p − p2 , the statement αβ = 0 and |α − β|p < ε gives ordp ( βα − 1) > n, where n is given by ε n n |β|p < c . If α and β are p-adic units, then this just means α ≡ β (mod p ). In particular, if each of the absolute values in the Approximation Theorem is p-adic for some p, we get the Chinese Remainder Theorem. Note also that when | · | j = | · |σ , where σ : F → R, the statement αβ = 0 and |α − β|σ < ε for small ε means that σ (α/β) > 0.

But this implies that e = #X p > 1, whence p is ramified. Example. 10. In K = Q(ζ12 ), the subfield L = Q(i ) has associated characters X L = {χ mod 12 : χ(σ ) = 1 for all σ ∈ Gal (K /L)}. Now Gal (K /L) = {1, σ } where σ fixes i = ζ123 , hence σ : ζ12 → ζ125 . We find that χ(σ ) = 1 if and only if χ(5) = 1. Thus X L = {1, ϑ}, where ϑ(1) = 1, ϑ(5) = 1, ϑ(7) = −1, ϑ(11) = −1. Now ϑ has conductor 4, so ϑ( p) = 0 if and only if p = 2. This confirms that 2 is the only ramified prime in Q(i )/Q. 7. In this exercise we study quadratic Dirichlet characters and their associated fields.

Then {χ ∈ X K : χ(g) = 1 for all g ∈ Gal (K /L)} = Gal (K /L)⊥ = Gal (K /Q) Gal (K /L) = Gal (L/Q) = X L where X L is the group of characters associated to L. Conversely, beginning with a finite abelian extension K /Q having group of characters X K , let Y be any subgroup of X K and let L be the fixed field of Y ⊥ . Then Y ⊥ = {g ∈ Gal (K /Q) : χ(g) = 1 for all χ ∈ Y } = Gal (K /L) and Y = (Y ⊥ )⊥ = Gal (K /L)⊥ = Gal (L/Q) = X L . 2 Dirichlet Characters 25 We have shown that there is a bijective correspondence {subgroups of X K } ←→ {subfields of K } given by: Y ←→ fixed field of Y ⊥ or by X L = Gal (K /L)⊥ ←→ L.

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Class Field Theory (Universitext) by Nancy Childress

by Daniel

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