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Number Theory

Wilkins D.R.'s Course 311: Michaelmas Term 2001. Topics in Number Theory PDF

By Wilkins D.R.

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Kenntnisse uber den Aufbau des Zahlsystems und uber elementare zahlentheoretische Prinzipien gehoren zum unverzichtbaren Grundwissen in der Mathematik. Das vorliegende Buch spannt den Bogen vom Rechnen mit naturlichen Zahlen uber Teilbarkeitseigenschaften und Kongruenzbetrachtungen bis hin zu zahlentheoretischen Funktionen und Anwendungen wie der Kryptographie und Zahlencodierung.

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This ebook specializes in a few very important classical elements of Geometry, research and quantity concept. the cloth is split into ten chapters, together with new advances on triangle or tetrahedral inequalities; exact sequences and sequence of genuine numbers; quite a few algebraic or analytic inequalities with purposes; specific functions(as Euler gamma and beta capabilities) and distinct potential( because the logarithmic, identric, or Seiffert's mean); mathematics capabilities and mathematics inequalities with connections to excellent numbers or comparable fields; and lots of extra.

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Finally, for illuminating connections between Sylvester’s work and some identities of Ramanujan, I have benefited from Andrews’ New Zealand Lectures (1979) and several stimulating conversations with him. Foundation Laid by Euler Leonard Euler (1703–1783), the most prolific mathematician in history, was the founder of the theory of partitions. Euler noticed that beautiful results on partitions could be proved by using what are called generating functions. These generating functions due to Euler are among the most fundamental examples of q-series.

Class at Vivekananda College, I discovered some new properties of the Fibonacci numbers.

Interestingly, it was through this paper that he first became aware of Ramanujan’s work. Naturally, Ramanujan was a strong influence and inspiration for him from then on. 40 7 Erdös and Ramanujan: Legends of Twentieth Century Mathematics Prime numbers have held the fascination of mathematicians from the golden age of Greece to the present day. A well-known assertion known as Bertrand’s postulate states that for any positive number n, there is always a prime between n and 2n. This fact was first proved by the Russian mathematician Chebyshev.

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Course 311: Michaelmas Term 2001. Topics in Number Theory by Wilkins D.R.

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