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Sex and the Aging Male: Understanding and Coping with Change by Robert W. Birch Ph.D. PDF

By Robert W. Birch Ph.D.

ISBN-10: 1570744823

ISBN-13: 9781570744822

This e-book is for males of every age, yet specifically these 40 years of age and older. the writer takes a good examine being a sexual male and on the inevitable alterations lifestyles brings. This retired marital and intercourse therapist then offers a "fail-safe" philosophy of intercourse that's reliable for an entire life.

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Typically, these erections will be lost quickly once the stimulation ends. The saving grace for these men in this situation is that there is usually no significant physical discomfort or mental frustration associated with these failures to ejaculate, unlike the physical ache and mental anguish they would have experienced when younger. The volume and velocity of the ejaculate decreases The amount of semen decreases, as does the force with which it is expelled. The aging male can no longer spurt large amounts of ejaculate over great distances.

As a body ages, a spot that might have been sensitive, could become numb. Where it had once felt good to be touched, caress might now feel annoying. Medications, illness and menopause can change how bodies respond and might even impact a woman’s ability to orgasm. Importance of the female orgasm The female orgasm – easy for many, frequent for some, difficult for others, and, for a few, totally impossible. The importance of direct clitoral stimulation has been noted, but in addition to this physical attention, most women need to feel relaxed, loved and respected.

Inhibited ejaculation Of a greater concern to the aging male is not that he is ejaculating sooner than he would wish, but rather that it is taking him longer than he would like. This might seem like one of the few advantages to aging, and indeed it might be, unless the man or his partner tires easily, or begins experiencing muscle pain or cramps, or the woman is not well lubricated and her partner’s thrusting becomes painful for one or both. In addition to taking longer to reach orgasm, the aging male will also experience times when his ejaculation completely eludes him.

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Sex and the Aging Male: Understanding and Coping with Change by Robert W. Birch Ph.D.

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